Argor-Heraeus SA and Commercial Andean Dragon Trading Limitada decide to take independent paths forward after years of successful collaboration

ARGOR-HERAEUS SA in Switzerland and Mr. Max Oemick, owner of Commercial Andean Dragon Trading Limitada, have decided to terminate their business relationship in Chile and Latin America.

Since more than 20 years ARGOR-HERAEUS Latin America SpA – a Joint Venture between the Swiss refinery ARGOR-HERAEUS SA and Commercial Andean Dragon Trading Limitada in Chile – has offered the best connection for the mining community providing services and security in the refining business backed by the financial strength and reliability of the Heraeus Group.

The first commercial office in Latin America was established in Santiago de Chile in 2004. Ten years later ARGOR-HERAEUS SA and Max Oemick founded together a joint representation in Latin America, ARGOR-HERAEUS Latin America SpA. In this Joint Venture Commercial Andean Dragon Trading Limitada held a 90% stake and ARGOR-HERAEUS SA a 10% stake.

Both partners have valued their relationship which has grown significantly over the years of cooperation.

The Joint Venture is at a current stage where both partners agree that given the challenges and opportunities ahead it is better for both partners to develop their future separately.

Hans Deutsch and Robin Kolvenbach, Co-CEOs of ARGOR-HERAEUS SA stated “We really have appreciated the cooperation with Max Oemick in the past 20 years. We were able to best support our customers and build up a very trustful network in the precious metals industry in Latin America.  Given the future challenges in the market, we do agree that it is best if each of us develops the business on his own.”

Max Oemick stated “From our side we have enjoyed the cooperation with ARGOR-HERAEUS SA but we agree that each company can now better develop on their own, then we will keep involved with the mining industry that has been our core activity since more than three decades ago. We are a unique case of sourcing knowledge starting from exploration, mining production, refining, and strong relationships with the end consumers, thereby covering the entire value chain of precious metals.”

Both, ARGOR-HERAEUS SA and Commercial Andean Dragon Trading Limitada, will continue to operate under the highest operational and sustainable standards. ARGOR-HERAEUS SA will open a new independent presence for its refining business in Latin America soon.

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